• Leominster Tax Planning. Advice on tax reduction, inheritance tax, non-domiciled tax, pension reviews.

    Tax Planning

    You should be getting the best tax planning advice available...

    We can help you with :-

    • Offshore pension funds
    • Corporation tax
    • Income tax
    • Inheritance tax
    • Contractor tax
    • Stamp duty
    • Employee benefit trusts
    • Non-domiciled workers

    If you are currently self-employed, or a director of a limited company, then personal and business tax planning should be vital to you. Tax rates and tax laws change often, and it is important to keep abreast of the changes and how they may affect you personally via professional advice.

    You may be the director of a limited company, but also have private income, in which case your complicated tax arrangements should have the benefit of a tax specialist, and possibly a legal tax specialist, and not simply an accountant.

    "Keep more of what you earn..."

    You deserve to hang onto as much of your cash as you are legally entitled to, and a great many people pay too much tax. It is not a case of trying to stretch the law, it is a case of using the detail of the law to save yourself money, detail that you may not be aware of. If you are not dealing with a professional tax adviser then there is every chance that you are paying too much personal or business tax. If you are a company director or in a partnership, or are self employed, then you will already have an accountant, but you may not enjoy the full benefits of a tax specialist.

    You may also consider that such a specialist might be expensive. Tax specialists generally only get paid if they manage to help you make a great saving, they don't typically charge by the hour.
    Leominster tax planning - advice on tax reduction, inheritance tax, non-domiciled tax

    Leominster tax planning - advice on tax reduction, inheritance tax, non-domiciled tax
    We can often reduce a client's tax substantially, using existing tax laws, and without bending or breaking those particular laws. Those tax regulations and laws are there in black and white for everyone to see, but few actually take the time to study them.

    That's where a tax specialist comes in, a tax reduction specialist. Such people are not inventing new schemes, but assisting you to interpret - and to benefit from - some very old schemes.

    The first step is an email introduction to us, an exchange about what your circumstances are and what you wish to achieve, perhaps a telephone chat or face-to-face consultation, and then we should be able offer you carefully crafted a solution. We do this all day, every day.

    You are expert at your particular business, but leave the mechanism of tax avoidance to us - we are expert at our business.

  • Leominster Tax Planning. Advice on tax reduction, inheritance tax, non-domiciled tax issues, pension swaps and reviews.

    Tax Schemes

    Professional tax avoidance consultants do not wear masks, nor do their clients need fear dealing with such tax consultants. If you prefer, you can call it tax efficiency - since no laws are being broken, but your hard-earned money is being saved for your own private use, or for that inevitable rainy day.

    You may have already looked at film partnership schemes, employee benefit trusts, inheritance tax trusts, or using an offshore holding company to hold your company shares or to re-invoice your foreign exports - and many other legal UK tax avoidance schemes.

    We can show you which tax reduction/avoidance schemes may work best for your particular circumstances, and this is something that we do every day. A simple, no obligation chat, can be followed by an illustration of what we can do for you in your particular circumstances

    Tax avoidance and tax planning schemes make use of existing UK tax laws, tax guidelines and HMRC tax regulations to help you greatly reduce the amount of tax you might otherwise pay.

    Personalised tax avoidance plans are constructed in a number of different ways, such as plans to create "paper" losses against which tax is set aside and reduced. You may fall ill, you may experience a temporary personal cashflow crisis or a family crisis, and it's better to have the surplus than not. We live in difficult times, and saving for a rainy day is often prudent.

    Do we help our clients make use of loopholes?

    Yes, that's what we are all about. But what exactly is a loophole? It is a tax law, scheme or tax regulation that exists, is legal, but is not widely known or used. A specialist tax adviser can explain the various schemes to you, and potentially save you a great deal of money.

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    Leominster Tax Planning. Advice on tax reduction, inheritance tax, non-domiciled tax issues, pension swaps, pension reviews, overseas workers, corporate and personal tax.